Employee of the Month 2020

We are proud of our talented and dedicated staff here at Family Services of Warren County.  Below are characteristics of a person that consistently demonstrated to earn them a title of EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH:

CREDIBILITY-How the employee is perceived in terms of their communication skills, competence, clarity, and integrity.  Very dependable, shows up on time, they do what they say and say what they do.  Honest and straightforward with coworkers.

RESPECT-Values the opinions of their coworkers even when they don’t agree with them.  Makes an effort to not discriminate or offend others for their decisions.

FELLOWSHIP-Working every day to create a healthy and warm work environment.  High level of humanity.

IDENTITY-Committed to their job and the company’s success.  A brand ambassador.  Promotes the company, not only to the clients but also to other prospective employees.  Proud to be a part of something bigger than themselves and they wear the company’s colors daily.

EQUALITY-Treats others with a sense of fairness.

WORK COMMITMENT-Passionate about what they do and have the highest level of commitment to their job.  Does more than what is expected because they want to.  Exhibits positive and optimistic conversations with their teammates.

PERSONAL PERFORMANCE-How others perceive your professional development within the organization.


January-Kendall Arnold

Kendall took on many extra responsibilities in the business office when a long time employee retired.  Kendall worked to build positive relationships with the business office staff, volunteered to learn new skills, and demonstrated a commitment and loyalty  to the agency through her fundraising efforts (Paint and Pizza).



February-Marlene Byler

Marlene also took on many added responsibilities when a long time employee retired.  Marlene is detailed oriented, thoughtful, and analytic in her work.  She often works additional hours to get the job done, is committed to ethical and sound business practices, respectful of others, and treats everyone with fairness.  Marlene is a strong problem solver, passionate about doing the right thing all the time.



March-Jenna Dunning

Jenna demonstrated a willingness to help out a co-worker who had taken a few days off by doing case management work with a client that required an inpatient stay.  Jenna shares a smile and demonstrates a positive attitude when taking on additional tasks.  Jenna is a strong team player, compassionate and organized.



 April- Kayla Cochran

Kayla has proven to be a crucial part of the Substance Abuse team here at FSWC. She goes above and beyond for the care of her clients and the agency. Kayla is always up for a challenge and handles things as they come.