Recovery Support Services

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Family Services is happy to announce our new program “Recovery Support Services”, and our Recovery Support Specialist, Noah Sharp.

The RSS program has been designed to assist individuals who are seeking additional support in their recovery process, for both those who are currently involved in treatment and those who are not. This program is designed to help individuals who chronically relapse and struggle to stay in sustained recovery through assistance with a peer who is also in recovery. Noah will meet with individuals involved in the program regularly, accompany them in their environments, and assist them in navigating through life’s difficulties, helping them build and use the skills necessary and remain in sustained recovery.

Because of their life experience, a Recovery Specialist has an understanding about addiction and recovery that professional education cannot replicate. A Recovery Specialist in not a sponsor, counselor, priest or pastor. They are everyday people living in recovery and have made it their life’s work to help those recovering from addiction find a path to wellness.

A Certified Recovery Specialist will:

  • Provide outreach for those in recovery, offering guidance in the recovery process
  • Educate about recovery and what living in recovery means
  • Offer help with developing a Personal Recovery Plan
  • Give support during and after treatment
  • Use recovery-oriented tools to help you address challenges
  • Introduce clients to other people in our community in recovery, individually and through Recovery Support groups
  • Motivate, mentor and guide you through the recovery process

To enroll in the program please contact Andrew Cauley at 814-723-1330, or Noah Sharp at 814-368-0664.