The P.H.O.E.N.I.X. Project

The P.H.O.E.N.I.X. Project
Program for Harm Reduction, Outreach,
and Education in a Nonjudgmental Individualized eXperience
A new initiative founded by Family Services of Warren County’s Recovery Support Program that focuses on harm reduction and community-wide overdose prevention
  • There are approximately 15 overdoses per day
  • 5,352 overdoses during the year of 2021 in Pennsylvania
  • 78% of overdoses in Pennsylvania in 2021 involved fentanyl
Fentanyl is an opioid 50-100 times as strong as heroin and has contaminated drug supplies more heavily since the COVID pandemic
Fentanyl is easily manufactured synthetically in the United States.

Forty percent or more of overdoses involving other drugs,
such as recreational drugs or stimulants (cocaine, etc.), are caused by these substances being laced or counterfeited with fentanyl.
This means that many people who do not normally consume opioids are taking them, unaware of the risks.
Others may be taking fentanyl intentionally due to opioid dependency.
The P.H.O.E.N.I.X. Project steps in, providing a FREE, life-saving medication, naloxone (brand names: Narcan, Kloxxado),
a substance approved by the FDA that can reverse opioid overdoses.
Fentanyl and xylazine test strips are provided so that users are aware of what substances they are ingesting and can make more informed choices
The P.H.O.E.N.I.X. Project is working to educate on harm-reduction strategies to both using populations and the general public.
Distribution efforts have included local community events, raves, and partnering with other stakeholders in the area for distribution, including Sunrise Collaborative, LLC, and Cloudz Smoke and Vape Store.
We encourage you to follow the P.H.O.E.N.I.X. project and/or FSWC on Facebook
  If you’re interested in volunteering, or you have ideas on other area businesses
or people that could benefit,
please contact Family Services of Warren County at (814)723-1330.
For further details on the definition and principles central to practicing harm reduction, please visit www.harmreduction.org