Family Substance Use Education

For more information or to seek Family substance use education, please contact:
Shana Wachter, MSW
Substance Use Disorder (SUD) impacts not only the individual in care, but the entire family and other close relationships, presenting obstacles and challenges that can be difficult to navigate and for which it may seem there is limited support.

  • The physiological effects of substance use
  • Understanding cognitive changes associated with prolonged substance use
  • Utilizing available resources
  • Other topics of concern brought by family members
These services are available immediately, and are not limited to clients currently seen at FSWC, but are available for all members of the community. Client specific and treatment related information for active or past FSWC clients will continue to be held in strict confidentiality and may not be discussed with family members. However, clients are encouraged to speak with their family members on educational topics for discussion that would support their own treatment outcomes.

***Our family educational episodes are not considered treatment, and are currently provided at no cost to the family. Donations for the service will be accepted, and we hope to develop the program into a key community support for family members throughout the community.