The history of Family Services of Warren County, PA

Family Services is a nonprofit behavioral health organization that has been serving individuals and families in the Warren Community since 1889. At this time, we were know as The Children’s Aid Society. 130 years ago the agency was located on Conewango Avenue and provided a safe living environment for destitute children. At this time, there was no other safety net for these children.

In the 1930s, the County Commissioners purchased the children’s home through a bequest from the Hoffman Estate. The Children’s Aid Society then began to offer charitable aid by providing school based services, in home services, and adoption placements. At this time in history, the agency changed its name to Family Services and Children’s Aid Society.

In the 1950’s request for mental health counseling grew, and the Department of Health took over child welfare and adoption services. 1980’s is when treatment for substance use disorders was added to the array of services provided to the Warren Community. It was at this time that the agency changed its name to Family Services of Warren County, INC.