Psychoeducational Groups (All Learning)

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Healthy Relationships Program

The Healthy Relationships Program is an 8 week group that focuses on:

  • Power and Control Issues
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Feeling Identifications
  • Elements of a Healthy and Sustainable Relationship

Group members will learn to examine beliefs and behaviors that have been detrimental in the past and practice new skills and behaviors that can result in safer and more satisfying relationships.

anger management Program

People demonstrating anger, violence, and other aggressive behaviors can benefit from the Anger Management Group.

Group members will learn how to:

  • Manage Anger Effectively
  • Develop Self-Control over Thoughts and Actions

DUI Intervention Program

The DUI Intervention Program is a 8 week group that assists individual in:

  • Manage Anger Effectively
  • Develop Self-Control over Thoughts and Actions

What Clients Say About Us

I feel that the staff is very attentive and very well spoken.  They are very easy to open up to and non-judgmental.

The staff was awesome.  He was very easy to talk to, and knew what he was talking about.  I honestly was dreading coming to this class but after just one session I believe everyone should attend this at some point.  Nothing but exemplary marks for the group leader.

The staff that ran the class was fantastic, very knowledgeable and informative.  She made you feel comfortable sharing personal stories.

I love the way the class went and how the staff running it let everyone express and communicate.  The staff had a great amount of patience which is amazing. 

We feel like we have learned so much about ourselves, things we should have known but didn’t.  I have been on a waiting list here because everyone knows Family Services is the best place to get these services.

She did a great job and was very personable.  She didn’t make me feel guilty but was compassionate and helped me learn from the situation.